Why You Should Use Creative Commons

Google Images has served you well all these years--you’ve found the perfect images easily and quickly, and used them in your projects.  If it isn’t broken, why fix it?  Because you don’t want to take what isn’t yours!  Many of the images you’ve been using online belong to someone, and they haven’t given you permission to use them.  It’s really easy for photographers to drop their images into a search engine like Tin Eye or Google Images and discover where the images are appearing online.  Try it with some of your images from Facebook or Twitter. You might be surprised by what you find!

Creative Commons gives you access to millions of images, audio clips, and texts whose authors have decided to share their work with people like you--no strings attached.

And, maybe you like it when people use your photographs on their blogs or websites.  It’s a complement when someone uses your work.  Wouldn’t you like to signal to the world that your work is available for use, editing, and sharing?  

Creative Commons lets you do both.  They created a series of licenses that allow people to reuse, reprint and remix Creative Commons licensed work.  Not only can you use this work, you can also license your own work with Creative Commons licenses.  It’s as easy as copying and pasting text.

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