Dr. Korsunsky's Time Machine

We're all fascinated by old magazines, especially when they are in bound sets and stretch back to the 20s.  Yet, unlike antique shop owners, school librarians have to keep collections current.  So, we have to weed our collections of some fascinating materials which no longer meet the needs of our students, even though we love them.

Last year we weeded our historical Time magazine collection. It was hard. Our physics teacher, Dr. Korsunsky, saw an opportunity in this for some research and writing. His second article, "Physics Back In Time," is published in the March 2014 issue of The Physics Teacher. He surveyed Time's science section of yore, compared it to Time's science coverage today, and gave us glimpses into the lives of famous physicists, including a "nervous and querulous" aging Albert Einstein. 

Thank you, Dr. Korsunky, for loving this material and making something new out of it. 

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