6 Ways to Ramp Up Your Video Learning

Videos have been an accepted form of instructional media in schools since the 40s.

(See more Coronet Instructional Videos)

The big change today is video on demand: the ability to view video whenever you want. When I walk around the library and glance at students’ laptops, about 50% of them are viewing some kind of video, whether it’s instructional or for entertainment.

Here are some tips to help you upgrade your video learning skills:

  • Use a program like YTD Video Downloader to download YouTube videos and save them to your computer, cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive), or thumb drive. You never know when YouTube videos will disappear. I can upload them to MediaCast for you, too, if you think other people will find them helpful.
  • Bookmark my Diigo video feed and browse for high quality, free sources of videos and tools.
  • Take notes on video with the free program Videonot.es. It’s super easy to use. Just pop in the url of a video and take your notes in the right hand panel. After you make your notes, you click on them and zip that segment of the video. The best part is it integrates with our Google Apps at my.weston.org. Keeping track of your notes and videos will not be an issue. Easy.
  • Browse MediaCast for our online video library, including NBC Learning, which has thousands of short video clips searchable by topic.

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