Podcasting with Audioboo

Have you ever wanted to communicate with someone by audio?  

Alejandro Yegros is using Audioboo for a class project. I made a short screencast for the class about how to use this simple, fun tool. I'm sharing it with the rest of our community so you can learn how to use it, too.

Examples of how you might use Audioboo

  • World Language teachers and students could practice pronunciation and fluency with reading aloud and share with their teachers.  Teachers can respond with private audio feedback.
  • Students could post speeches or debate positions for feedback.
  • To flip the classroom, teachers could make simple audio recordings for students to listen to for homework.  Students could listen to other students' work and respond.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for sharing these instructions Alida, it's been a long time since I used Audioboo, I forgot how useful it can be. I think I am going to suggest my daughters play with it.
    I am looking forward to learning with you durning #oclmooc.
    Rhonda Jessen