What I learned last week

When I heard the theme of the American Association of School Librarians conference was "Anytime, Anywhere Learning, " I knew I had to go. I've been living "anywhere anytime" learning for months, creating and teaching my first online course, Research and Technology (required for all freshmen--more about this in another post), this fall. Naturally I was hoping the conference would focus on online learning and I was a little disappointed. Instead we learned about and discussed different ways of learning in the library.

My takeaways from the conference:

  • The Weston High School library program is pushing the boundaries of library services and instruction.
  • It's fascinating to see the different paths library programs take to meet the needs of their students.
  • I have a plan to develop my leadership.
  • The annual AASL Websites and Apps for Teaching and Learning are now a touchstone for my technology training and use

The Storify below gives you a tweet narrative of the two day conference.

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